Friday, August 22, 2008

Are Michael Phelps and Stephanie Rice just friends?

After winning eight gold medals Michael Phelps has become a legend in swimming circuit and a superstar in USA. No wonder, his personal life will now come under continuous media scrutiny. Already, news reports have started to spread out regarding Phelps’ love interest.

So far, the twenty three year old swimmer has been linked with three ladies: American swimmer Amanda Beard, English supermodel Lily Donaldson, and Australian gold medalist swimmer Stephanie Rice.

In a radio show interview, Amanda Beard denied to have any relationship with Phelps. So did Lily Donaldson.

The Herald Sun of Australia reported that Michael Phelps and Stephanie Rice were seen together at a party thrown by Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe. Picture of shirtless Phelps and Rice at a promotional photo shoot has spread over the internet.

This time, Phelps and Stephanie both denied of having any relationship.

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