Sunday, September 14, 2008

Paprazzi were duped by Jamie Lynn Spears

The Spears family is one of the most photographed people in USA at present. Britney Spears and her sister Jamie Lynn Spears are followed by paparazzi every where they go. On September 10, when Jamie Lynn Spears arrived at the LAX airport with her baby daughter in towel, the paparazzi rained down on her with their camera flash and every one was trying to get a good picture but there was a twist in the story. The lady in question was not actually Jamie Lynn Spears. She was another woman who looked like Jamie Lynn Spears.

It was said that to avoid the paparazzi, Jami Lynn Spears used a decoy. However, the women said that she was not a decoy, the police was just helping her to go through the crowd.

This is not the first time, such incident took place. Earlier, there were such incidents where men or women who looked like some celebrities were flocked by paparazzi. Suddenly crowd forms around the person and causes problem for other passengers as flights can not take off on time. The latest incident was singer Kanye West, who grabbed a photographers camera and broke it.

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