Monday, September 1, 2008

Jhonny Depp takes up his guitar once again

Actor Johnny Depp took up guitar once again and performed with his old band, The Kids, in a Florida charity show. On August 29, 2008, Johnny Depp performed at the second annual Sheila Witkin Memorial Reunion concert with the band for ninety minutes in a gathering of 2,500 people. Wearing a torn shirt, torn jeans and a flannel shirt wrapped around his waist, the forty five year old actor played the guitar and sang backup vocals. His wife, Vanessa Paradis, and nine year old daughter, Lily-Rose, cheered for him.

The money collected from the show will be donated to the Dan Marino Foundation. It is an organization dedicated to children with special needs. Last year, the band performed in another charity show.

Depp’s grew a taste for music after his mother bought him a guitar when he was twelve years old. In the beginning, he played with various garage bands. During his high school years, Depp joined The Kids. The band later went to Los Angeles to get a record deal but before anything happened, the group broke up and Depp tried his luck in acting and ended up being one of the most sought after Hollywood actor.

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