Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight takes the lead at the North American box office

“Twilight” the vampire love story has taken the lead at the North American box office grossing $70.5 million in its opening week. Based on Stephenie Meyer’s romantic novel, Twilight was released in 1000 theatres across USA and all of them are selling advance tickets. Earlier, analysts predicted that the film’s business would be lucky enough to reach $60 million because its appeal to a limited audience especially young adults.

Despite the gloom economy the movie created lots of frenzy among people. The movie was produced at $37 million. Summit Entertainment, the North American distributor of the movie and one of co-producers is now basking under the success of the movie. Richard Fay, President, Domestic distribution, Summit Entertainment, said:

"This certainly exceeded our expectations by a great deal," said Richard Fay, president of domestic distribution for Summit Entertainment. "The fan base was huge."

A new company, Summit has been struggling all this time establish itself in Hollywood. Now, with the success of Twilight the production and distribution company is going to make a sequel of the movie titled New Moon.

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