Saturday, November 22, 2008

Can Guns N' Roses make it with "Chinese Democracy"?

Gun’s N’ Roses, the famous hard rock band of the 90s is back with its album, “Chinese Democracy.” After thirteen years, the band is going to release its unfinished album which many did not expect to see. For thirteen years, fans and music lovers have been hearing about this album but it was not completed due to various complications. Now, on November 23, 2008, the album is going to be released. Many are referring this album as the second coming of Guns N’ Roses. Reuters reports:

"It's just a remarkable moment in popular culture," said Blender magazine editor-in-chief Joe Levy, without a trace of hyperbole. "It really is. We never thought we would get here."

Others are hedging their bets. Reclusive singer Axl Rose, 46, is the only original member left. His volatile behavior drove out key members such as top-hatted guitarist Slash years ago. Some purists say he should not have used the Guns N' Roses name with this new project.

“Chinese Democracy” is the sixth studio album of Guns N’ Roses. The work of the album started in 1995. It was supposed to be their follow up album of “Use Your Illusion.” But the band fell apart; except Axl Rose, all the original members left the band. Geffen Records which was supposed to release the album spent around $13 million by 2005.

Finally, hard rock fans will be able to listen to their favorite band once again but the million dollar question is: Can Guns N’ Roses make it this time? Guns N’ Roses is one of my most favorite bands and the two people that comes to my mind when I think of this band are bass guitarist, Slash with his long hair and top hat and Axl Rose. I can not think about Guns N’ Roses without Slash. The tragedy is all the original band members are gone. For this reason, many purists and hardcore Guns N’ Roses lovers objected that Axl Rose should have renamed the band. Anyway, let’s wait and see what happens.

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