Sunday, November 23, 2008

“I was never frightened of any one” Shane Warne on Sachin Tendulkar

In his recently published book titled 'Shane Warne's Century,' famous Australian leg spinner, Shane Warne, named Sachin Tendulkar as the top batsman. He also corrected his year old claim about having nightmares after being badly beaten by Sachin Tendulkar. The India-Australia three day test match, which took place in February 1998, was one of the memorable matches of Shane Warne. In that match, India won by ten wickets. Sachin Tendulkar made 204 runs and made an example out of the Australian bowlers. Seeing his performance in the field that day, Shane Warne made the famous comment that he had seen Sachin Tendulkar in his nightmares. Now, after ten years, in his book, Shane Warne said that he was not actually afraid of Sachin Tendulkar and his remarks should not be taken seriously. In an interview with Australian News paper, Sunday Observer he said:

….but I was never frightened of anyone. And that's not me being big-headed, I was just confident of my ability.

"Players like (Brian) Lara and Tendulkar were always a challenge, because they were the best in the business and if you want to compete at that level you've got to step up to the mark. Of course some days they're going to smash you out of the park and you congratulate them afterwards, but you're going to get them next time," he told 'Sunday Observer'.

Observer Sports Monthly, named Shane Warne as the Sportsman of 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award. When asked about the reason behind Warne’s putting Tendulkar on top of Brian Lara, he said that that the former was more entertaining. He did not look at their statistics because they could be misleading. ven a match winner can end up having a modest average overall.

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