Thursday, April 2, 2009

Celebrity Child Smuggling: What Should be Done?

I really cannot understand the reason that how can the Hollywood celebrities easily go away by doing anything and everything. Just take a look at the example of Madonna adopting a child from Malawi. I really can’t remember any example of Madonna being a good mother to any child in the world. There is no doubt that she does not care for any child of motherhood all six years is some publicity that she can get  paying for some poor children from some poor countries. The children are like guinea pig but we should not forget that they are human beings not animals. But this kind of media circus that should be stopped at all costs by all governments in the world. The governments of Europe and America always try to show that they are most civilized but I really have doubt because how they can allow a person like Madonna To bring innocent children from African countries when she does not have any intention to look after them.