Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Britney Spears is back in shape

American pop diva, Britney Spears, is under control of her life again. For the last two years, she became tabloid headlines for all the wrong reasons. Her marriage and divorce with Kevin Federline, her drugs habit, shaving heads, everything pointed at the end of her singing career. Now, the twenty seven year old mother is in her comeback stage. Earlier, Britney Spears gained lots of weight by drinking. She stopped drinking and got into weight loss program. In her recent European mini-tour, she showed off her body. However, it was a lot of hard work on her part and she is not happy at all. People Magazine reports:

"I have had to work hard at getting [my body] back to where it used to be," Spears tells Glamour in its January issue. "I used to be obsessed with working out ... But I can't get motivated right now because I'm so focused on my music."

On November 30, 2008, “For the Record” the much awaited documentary on the life Britney Spears was broadcast on MTV and it created lots of positive buzz. People have started to sympathize Britney Spears. They are saying that the documentary made them like Spears much more. Spears’ latest album, “Circus” is released today. One of the songs of the album, “Womanizer,” is ruling the top charts. Now, she wants to marry again to a person who could be a good father to her children.

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sallreen said...

Britney Spears is looking great these days, but she wants to make sure everyone knows it didn't come easily. Britney also hits the gym on a regular basis, doing "lots of cardio and weights" five days a week. While vacationing at Las Ventanas resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, in late July, Britney Spears was the epitome of the California girl as she walked out of the surf in a white bikini that highlighted her newly toned and tanned figure.